5 Reasons You Should Read Every Day

Your brain is a powerful tool. Are you using it to its full potential? People are a combination of the books they read, the things they listen to and the people they associate with.  

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I am a #1 Bestselling Business author, Speaker, and Coach.

I have spent many years working with and studying leadership, the art of building relationships, growing different businesses, real estate, insurance and financial planning along with writing a book with my young daughter on the secret to raising financial savvy kids. It has helped to make me the father and wealth coach that I am today.  

From years of working and training the youth with my daughter, I have found a great need for programs covering financial management and business development designed for our youth. I have become a mentor to many young entrepreneurs. And always willing to share snippets from my personal and professional journeys – especially learning to optimize Eastern and Western philosophies and practices for better living.



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