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We are a Virtual Business Community working together to serve our clients in such a way that they feel like they're our only client. 

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Welcome to the Micro Biz Corp. We are a virtual enterprises of different businesses, services, and professionals with a wide range of experience. It's our belief that if we strive to serve our customers and clients at a deep level, while helping each other; we can make a positive difference in our local communities and the world.

We have found that it’s very important for business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs to surround themselves with a community of other like-minded practicing professionals.

By ourselves we can do great things, yet together we can climb the highest mountain.

Because we understand the importance of creating a strong foundation equipped to handle the many challenges the small business owner and professional will face; We created Micro Biz Corp to help you implement the necessary systems needed to gain true clarity around your mission, so you can efficiently move through the different key stages of business.

It’s from gaining absolute clarity of your mission or why you're in business, that will empower you to take your business to the next level. It can often feel like you’re all alone in the battle field of business. Rest assured, as a member our community, you’re never alone. You are part of a family of small business owners and practicing professionals with a vast amount of experience behind you.

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