Why children need to learn about business and money management

When we set out to build a business, no matter how hard the challenges are, if our goals and dreams are clear and we don’t let life derail us, anything is possible. True victory is shown by the winning championship; however, it is earned through all the blood, sweat, and tears that led up to the championship. Stay true to your dreams and business vision and anything is possible—if not by you, then through you.

Money and finances are the lifeblood of a business, so when we set out to build a successful business, we need to make sure we have a healthy mindset around them.

I’ll never forget the time when my daughter Sabrina was in second grade. One day, she came home from school and seemed troubled. I asked her what was wrong, and she told me she'd watched one of her friends take a bunch of change out of her pocket and use it to by candy at lunch.

I asked her if she felt that her friend shouldn't have bought the candy.

Sabrina responded, “No, it's not that I don't think she should have bought the candy. What bothers me is that the change clearly didn't have any value to her. It's not like she took a handful of change out of her pocket, chose a few coins to buy the candy, then put the rest back into her pocket. She took all the change out of her pocket and gave it all to the sales lady as if it wasn't worth anything.”

Sabrina then told me that she had started thinking about stories I'd told about my clients, and she began to think that if we didn't teach kids the value of money and how to properly manage it, they would end up broke and in financial trouble. I asked Sabrina what she wanted to do to help ensure that didn't happen. She said that she wanted to create a company designed around helping kids and their parents become financially literate and acquire the financial habits and disciplines needed to become financial independent. Thus, Children and Beyond was born.

Sabrina has since taught many kids money-management skills so they can grow up and not have to worry about finances. Sabrina’s company teaches kids and their parents’ money- management habits and offers workshops with the hope of empowering them.

To learn more about Sabrina and her mission go to: www.parentingthatmakescents.com

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