The Art of Delegation

I have found that many small-business owners and professionals try to become sufficient in many different areas, yet they end up not doing very well in any of them. True champions focus on what they do best and surround themselves with others whose strengths are their weaknesses (instead of, for example, prematurely hiring employees or spending time doing less efficient activities).

I believe that as a business grows, it's important to develop a team of outside advisors or mentors to network with and have as a resource to assist with more complex projects. True, you may be in business for yourself, but you should never be entirely by yourself. In today's high-tech world, a business is only as strong as the foundational systems that are in place to run it.

Over years of working with many different types of clients, I have found that successful businesspeople have developed a consistent combination of a

·         Healthy mindset

·         Healthy physical habits

·         Healthy financial fundamentals

It’s very important for entrepreneurs to continually evolve in these three areas. In order to reach their true potential, they must continue to grow and develop healthy mindsets. If they are not physically healthy, they will not have the energy needed to grow their businesses. If their financial foundations are weak, they will be under a great deal of stress—and run the risk of ultimately stunting growth or collapsing a business.

I have found that successful businesspeople have learned how to continually grow and refine these three areas. When building a business, the effectiveness, efficiency, and level of refinement will determine the degree of growth the business will experience. When the three areas are not working in harmony, the business will not run efficiently, like a table missing a leg.  


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